Thursday, December 20, 2007

End of Year Message

Since my last posting I've has had my mind elsewhere. I have spend alot of time at home with my wife recovering from surgery and my sons coming home after their semesters in college. Now that I have caught up on some of my work, I thought I'd share some ideas on end of year reflection.
To me the end of each year brings another birthday, end of year spending decisions, budgeting for the next year and reflections on my life which culminate in resetting short term goals. My goals always consist of personal, family, business and "Big" idea goals. This year I met all of my short term goals despite a 2007 filled with personal and professional challenges. On balance, I maintained focus and with the help of family, friends and business associates, I learned alot about myself and will use the lessons learned in 2007 to be a better person in 2008.
I look forward to 2008 with renewed energy and enthusiasm despite the doom and gloom portrayed by the press. As individuals and businesses living in a free society, we own such a small slice of life, that each of us has such an opportunity to make a difference, albeit small. So, if I can have one wish for my family and yours, it is that 2008 be filled with much health and accomplishment towards a life filled with happiness and success.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Congratulations to the People of Venezuala

Today is a great day for democracy in the Americas. The brave people of Venezuala, many of whom love their leader, understood that democracy is more important than any one person. Chavez took a gamble to secure his role as dictator for life and lost. To his credit he allowed democracy to work. Let's hope for the sake of the people of Venezuala and South America, that he does not try to pull any other stunts. His people have been empowered and their leader is now in check. Hopefully, the Russians will learn this powerful lesson and follow suit in reigning in the power of Putin.