Thursday, February 7, 2008

Conscious Business

I am excited to have the opportunity to better the lives of the people I work with, while working on making myself a better person and leader at the same time. I have become a devotee of the principles set forth in Fred Kofman's book "Conscious Business". To date we have had all of our senior leaders read the book and have followed up with discussions, email summaries and presentations to reinforce and practice his teachings. We are now ready to share Conscious Business with our next set of managers and the future leaders of our company. Our senior managers are taking on the task of mentoring our next group of "learners" over the next year through a similar process of reading, discussing, practicing and reinforcing. Our goal is to continue to develop the unique culture we have here at Saval through the personal development of our people in going to the work place with integrity and responsibility, trusting their fellow employees in an environment of honesty and authenticity, so that we can communication, negotiate and share commitments in creating "success beyond success" in both our work and life. My excitement comes from the shared commitment of my senior managers to take on the humbling task of facing their own personal truths and in helping others face theirs, resulting in a very special place here at Saval Foods.