Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I’m excited about what’s happening at Saval's two operating entities. Despite the doom and gloom about the economy, we continue to do the right things in growing our business. While increased energy and food costs negatively impact consumer decisions on eating away from home, there are opportunities for Saval’s two operating companies that should pay big dividends. First, if consumers eat out less they will be buying more at the grocery store, hence helping grow our business at the major grocery chains we serve. Second, if consumers who do go out decide to spend less, they may decide to go to California Tortilla instead of TGI Fridays, or eat pizza instead of shrimp. Again, many of our customers are carry-outs, delis, diners and pizza shops that cater to this consumer value proposition. Third, the upscale segment we have had recent success at penetrating is largely recession proof, as wealthy and older consumers still eat out and spend. And, fourth, many of our customers buy from the big three national distributors and Saval, so there are many opportunities to pick up additional items for customers looking for alternative suggestions in maintaining profitability. If we continue to work harder, with integrity, and provide value to our customers we can continue to grow our business even in tough times.