Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Great Bonding Experience

As I age, I still learn more about myself and others everyday. Last weekend I was blessed to join my son, his 10 good friends and 2 brothers (my other 2 sons) at his bachelor party weekend. I felt lucky to be invited but a little uneasy about fitting in. In summary, the weekend was great fun, the guys were terrific and I think I fit in just fine- both as a parent and friend. The weekend will be a positive memory that all of us will hold for a lifetime. My son and his friends and brothers are lucky to have such a strong bond so early in their lives. They have already shared so much together and, I believe, observing them, that they will continue to share a bond as they move forward in their careers, marriages and parenthood. Their disparate paths may lessen the time they spend with each other, but their obvious love for each other (although they have a strange way of showing it some times) will provide them with an authentic and meaningful base of support for the rest of their lives.