Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our New President- A Significant Day in History

Yesterday was a historic day in the history of our nation. The election of Barack Obama as our next President is truly a turning point in history. In a nation founded on principles of liberty and equality, the election of an African-American President truly signifies the realization of those principles. Just in our lifetime, a nation divided by race and injustice, has suddenly become energized in proving to the world that we are truly a successful model for a government of the people. And, a people represented by every race, ethnicity and religion. We are a nation of tolerance and perseverance; a nation of free thinkers and creativity, a nation sets an example for human rights and justice.
While yesterday was a landmark, today brings the reality of difficult times ahead. We have chosen a new leader to face those challenges. We need to take those same energies evident in the election process into a far more difficult process of consensus-building in finding solutions that instead of being politically expedient provide our children and their children with a sustainable model for success.
Let’s be similarly involved and engaged in making a difference at home, in our work place and in our community in re-building the energy and spirit of being great Americans, together in purpose, grounded in the values of life, liberty and happiness.