Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End Message

It's over! 2009 was the worst economic year since the Great Depression and Saval is still standing strong- profitable and with our most talented team ever. Thanks to pro-active expense control, we project a substantial increase in profitability over 2008. This is quite an accomplishment in the face of declining restaurant traffic and commodity price deflation. Our top accomplishments in 2009, in no particular order, are:
Implementation of a fully automated Warehouse Management System
The acquisition of an interest in Baltimore Eats magazine and launch of
4th Generation Saval Family member joined Saval
Investment in new slicing technology at Deli Brands
Over 200 new customers at SFS
Over 14 new customers at Deli Brands
I am very proud of these accomplishments, all of which lay the groundwork for a strong future for Saval Foods.
So as we move into 2010, here are my short term goals (resolutions) for the New Year:
1. Continue to exercise at least 3 times per week and try to cut out snacking at night.
2. Make sure that all of our Saval entities beat their bottom line budgets and stay true to their strategic objectives.
3. Worry only about the things I can control.
4. Keep working on improving the relationship I have with my family, work mates and friends.
5. Continue involvement in the community.
6. Treat people how I'd like to be treated- be nice!
7. Stay authentic and show more humility.
My hope for everyone is that you stay happy, healthy, safe and secure and in doing so fulfill your goals and dreams in 2010!
Happy New Year