Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Weather May Have Improved But Has the Political Climate?

While the weather has me feeling great and business is picking up, the swirling anti-business climate has me deeply concerned. Should the small business owner stand still and keep taking punches. From increased unemployment taxes to the new health care mandates to back office administration moves in appointing anti-business advocates, I am appalled that we are letting this happen to us. We are taking every step we can to take responsibility for what we can control, be it wellness programs, employee loan programs, extended credit for customers, value-added customer services, we are fighting upstream, but the current keeps pushing back stronger. I pledge, on behalf of my people, to start fighting back. Our country needs strong, independent, family-owned companies to thrive. It's time our political leaders stop giving us lip service and poorly designed programs that sound good but have no real impact (ex. Maryland's tax credit for the unemployed) and start actively helping businesses grow, prosper and employ more people for the betterment of our nation.